100 More Minutes with God
AUTHOR: Susan Grant
PROJECT: Book Cover Design (PaperbackeBook)
In order to make the connection with Book 1, 100 Minutes with God, I kept the same title design. Although the covers are different, this approach helps readers to see the two books as a “collection” rather than as a “standalone”.
Regarding the concept, I followed the author’s suggestion of an hourglass to represent time. I placed it as if it were rising from the water or floating on its surface. The seascape with the sunlight gives a great depth to the book cover, but the main reason I chose it is because it conveys peace and a sense of hope. The entire image invites the reader to moments of meditation and devotion… always in a positive way.
The flight of the seagulls, which seems to create a growing line of movement extending from the back cover, represents the evolution and personal growth that these minutes of daily reflection can help to achieve.
The bright colors also convey the same “positive feeling”. It was used a similar color palette (blue and yellow/orange) although the shades aren’t quite the same as in Book 1. This will also help readers distinguish the two books (even when they’re not side by side) and, at the same time, identify them as being from the same series.
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