Adventure 1 - The Five Senses
AUTHOR: Know Yourself PBC
ILLUSTRATOR: Isabel Robalo (new illustrations for this edition)
SERIES: Adventure Series: 12 Systems of the Body Workbooks
Series Graphic Line
Book Interior Layout/Typesetting
Book Illustrations
Book Cover Customization (PaperbackeBook) 
Know Yourself is an award-winning company providing educational toys, kits, and literature for young children.
The Adventure Series: 12 Systems of the Body Workbooks introduces each system of the human body and teaches children about themselves from the inside out.
Each workbook includes learning pages, activities, games, recipes and also a comic book, whose story is set in a different country and at a different time, with the same group of characters. This Adventure 1 is set in Ancient Greece and is about The Five Senses.
The main work of this project was the interior layout and typesetting, following a consistent graphic line that I had initially designed for the entire series.
As some parts were based on a previous workbook, there were already some illustrations. However, I had to create all the others in order to refresh the design and to include the new activities in this book.
One of the other initial works was the customization of the book cover, adapting a pre-existing design to this new theme and graphic line, for both paperback and ebook formats.
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