Bebop - Lesson Book
AUTHOR: Richie Zellon
ILLUSTRATOR: Isabel Robalo
SERIES: Guitar Improv Series
Book Cover Design (Paperback)
Book Cover Illustration
Color Scheme Variations for other books in the same series
This is the first book of the Guitar Improv Series, a comprehensive guide to jazz improvisation.
The author and jazz musician, Richie Zellon, wanted an illustration that could represent the flow of his music, as well as a vintage style similar to the jazz covers of the early/mid 20th century.
Since the majority of those covers followed Cubism, I created an illustration with similar traces of that specific art movement. As I’m not a painter, it was a big challenge, but also a great opportunity to study more in detail all the aspects of Cubism and Abstract Art and the paintings of specific artists.
The illustration has a visible influence in the work of Kandinsky, because of the flow and unpredictability of his traces, just like the improvisations of jazz. Another detail requested by the author was to include in some way his hat, which easily identifies him in all his performances.
In a following project other color variations were created to better distinguish each book of the series.
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