Blood Fiends' Bane
AUTHOR: William Stacey
SERIES: Vampire Queen Saga - Book 1
Book Cover Design (eBook)
Series Boxed Set Image
Dark fantasy book (first one in the Vampire Queen Saga) with a strong horror element, for a mature adult audience.
This is a story about the search for a magic sword, which needed to figure prominently on the cover. The descriptions of the author leaded to a Viking style, with a touch of horror and almost alien feel.
In the design I wanted to transmit that the sword had special characteristics, a unique piece, that would seem almost “alive”.
However, it wasn’t easy to decide where the main details should be placed, in order to keep it “usable”, as it were a real sword that is meant to be handled and strong enough to fight a battle.
The eyes in the background and the big red moon helped to give the desired impact.
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