Blossoming Beyond the Desert
AUTHOR: Shelle Goldstein
Book Cover Design (PaperbackeBook)
Book Interior Layout/Typesetting
This book explores how the healing messages of the Passover Seder, which retells the story of the Exodus, are relevant to our lives today. It is grounded on a Jewish ritual, but its messages are universal. The book, written from a feminine perspective, focuses on women's marginalization in a patriarchal society and their long journey towards liberation, to become equal participants in the Seder and Jewish life in traditional Judaism.
Work began on the book cover design, for which the author had a definite idea and aesthetic: a colorful but serene desert landscape, with a subtle image of ancient Israelites/Hebrews walking on the horizon. The main detail that should stand out was a simple branch with flowers, to represent women's inclusion, growth, and blossoming. 
The second part of the project was dedicated to the interior book layout and typesetting. I followed the same original cover ideas to maintain consistency throughout the book, including the simple and peaceful style.
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