Compulsão (Compulsion)
AUTHOR: Vilma Leal
ILLUSTRATOR: Isabel Robalo
Book Cover Design (Paperback with Flaps)
Book Cover Illustrations
Book Interior Layout/Typesetting
This was a full package project, made to produce all the elements of a non-fiction book: illustrations, cover design and book interior layout/typesetting.
“Compulsão”, translated from Portuguese as “Compulsion”, is a book that studies the consumer behavior, as well as advises how to buy in a more conscious way. 
Although this is a serious book with a lot of information about the subject, it is also fun. Therefore, the author requested a cartoon style for the illustrations, with vibrant colors, which could transmit that informal and inviting look. These images represent the two main areas within the theme: the compulsion to buy and the compulsion to eat/drink.
As the color Red is mentioned several times in the book, related to the subject studied, it became the obvious choice for the book cover. It also helped to achieve the joyful result that was requested, as well as to catch the attention of the potential readers. 
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