Der Happy-End-Chroniken Series
AUTHOR: Coco Sonne
BOOK 1: Coco
BOOK 2: Raphael und Rahel
BOOK 3: Noah und Die Wunderbaren Drei
BOOK 4: Innere Kleider
BOOK 5: Der Happy-End-Lifestyle
PROJECT: Book Cover Design (PaperbackeBook)
"Der Happy-End-Chroniken" is an autobiographical series which includes several fiction novels as well as non-fiction books.
This story of Coco’s life is about how to overcome abuse and violence and find love and harmony permanently. The main concern of the writer is to make her readers strong and to encourage them to heal themselves and free them from outside regulation.
There is an element of “magic” that needed to be present in the design, in order to transmit not just the atmosphere of the novels but also the system used by the author in the healing process. The unexpected color of the yellow clouds helped to achieve this effect, as well as the “flying dandelions” that represent the freedom achieved during this process.
These special details were also used to keep a consistency in all the books of the series.
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