Die zehn Vorteile des Schleiers (The ten Advantages of the Veil) 
AUTHOR: Iben Martell
PROJECT: Book Cover Design (PaperbackeBook)
“Die zehn Vorteile des Schleiers”, translated from German as “The ten Advantages of the Veil”, is a collection of seven short stories in the erotica genre telling the adventures of different people, in different countries.
The client requested a design that could reflect the book title with a female face partly covered by a veil, where the eyes, looking straight at the viewer, would become the central point of attention.
The simple typography chosen and the warm red color also helped to create the atmosphere that was intended, making even a better connection with the book genre.
The golden tone given to some texts also added a detail of sophistication to the entire book cover, as well as they helped to alternate the paragraphs that describe each story in the back cover.
As this is the first book in a series, the design was also thought having in mind a consistent graphic line throughout all the future books.
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