Help! Ik Verveel Me (original Dutch version)
Help! I'm bored (English version)
AUTHOR: Karin van Driel
ILLUSTRATOR: Charmaine Lam
Book Cover Design (PaperbackeBook)
Book Interior Layout/Typesetting
“Help! Ik Verveel Me” (translated from Dutch "Help! I’m bored") is the story about Sarah, an 11 years old girl, and a crazy idea of her parents: a week without a phone.
Without it, Sarah doesn't know what to do. But because she is bored, she dreams about so many things and she finds out that a little boredom is not so bad. It makes her creative.
The design was made using some of the illustrations of Charmaine Lam, that also appear in the interior of the book. As these illustrations represent drawings as being made by a child, I kept the same style in order to respect the initial vision of the illustrator and the author.
I had to dedicate a special attention to all the new elements that were added to the book cover. For that, I followed the same kind of trace and textures of the existing images. However, the colors were slightly intensified to catch the attention of the viewers. The choice of fonts also helped to give a certain “childish style” to the entire design.
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