Inte som du tror (Not as you think)
AUTHOR: Anna Karlsson
​​​​​​​PROJECT: Book Cover Design (Paperback)
"Inte som du tror" (translated from Swedish "Not as you think") is a story that mainly takes place in a school, about two girls with ages around 13 years old.
It talks about how the two girls deal with each other and how their attitudes may hide more severe and private problems.
One of the important details of the story is the finding of an old diary written in the 19th century by a girl of the same age. This diary inspires one the girls to start reading the Bible and pray to God for the other one. That is why I placed one of the main characters as a central point of the cover, holding an old book, while the other girl is seen on the top almost hidden in the middle of her long blonde hair.
As the target group for this book will be teens but also adults, the author didn’t want it to signal teen’s fiction too much.
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