Let's Fly Away
AUTHOR: Katrina Maxwell
SERIES: Adventures of Thomas Leaf Monkey
Book Cover Design (Paperback)
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“Let’s Fly Away” is the first book of the “Adventures of Thomas Leaf Monkey” and his group of friends. In this story the group is very bored in the rainforest, when they realize that they can use their imagination to go anywhere they like. 
In this book, Katrina Maxwell leads children (ages 3-8) to use their imagination and yoga moves to travel to a new place and have some fun. The author is a Speech-Language Pathologist & Children's Yoga Instructor with a passion for education and travel.
All the illustrations were created by another artist, that made a fantastic job giving life to each character. I was extremely careful to keep the book layout/typesetting and the cover design completely faithful to that initial work.
The simplicity of the book cover design was also meant to make those characters stand out, as well as to introduce the author, her brand and her work to all the potential readers.
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