Let's Fly Away - Activities Book 1
AUTHOR: Katrina Maxwell
SERIES: Mindful Monkey Activities
Series Graphic Line
Book Cover Design
Book Interior Layout/Typesetting
Following the “Let’s Fly Away” story that I had previously worked on, this is an activities book that uses the same characters. It includes several challenges for children within the same theme as the story.
As this is the first activities book that the author wants to release, the first part of the project was to create a graphic line that could continue in future publications, keeping the entire series with a consistent image.
The author had already consigned all the illustrations to another artist, which were delivered isolated. This gave me complete freedom to create the interior book layout and add all the necessary details.
The same happened for the book cover, where, in addition to displaying the author’s brand, I wanted to make it perfectly clear that this was also a coloring book, as all the internal illustrations were created as line art only.
This makes this publication not only educational but also fun.
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