Moby the Mastiff's Very Different Day
AUTHOR: Tiffany Parie
ILLUSTRATOR: Isabel Robalo
SERIES: Moby the Mastiff
Book Cover Design (PaperbackHardcovereBook)
Book Interior Layout / Typesetting
Cover and Book Illustrations
The project included working on all the book’s graphic elements: cover design, book layout/typesetting and all illustrations.
This children's story takes place on a day in the life of Moby, whose character was based on the author's Mastiff dog. As this breed is so much larger than other dogs, kids who struggle with feeling different can relate to the story.
The first part of the project was to develop the main characters, based on photos of real dogs provided by the client. To attract the attention of young readers, the request was to create vibrant illustrations with a fun and whimsical vibe, with bright colors in the background to highlight the characters.
The project followed a traditional workflow, from initial sketches on paper, to the refinement of the lines in Adobe Illustrator. The next step was entirely done in Photoshop, adding colors, background scenes and all light/shadow effects. Typesetting and book cover design were the last phases of this exciting work.
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