Moderný Pračlovek Series (Modern Caveman)
AUTHOR: Marián Cerny

BOOK 1: Kuchyňa Pračloveka
PROJECT: Book Cover Design (PaperbackeBook)

BOOK 2: Desatoro Prikázaní Moderného Pračloveka
PROJECT: Book Cover Design (eBook)
These are the first two publications for the "Moderný Pračlovek" series (Modern Caveman). The main idea was to represent caveman drawings in a very simple way and products that were used at that time... but also in our days.
The first one — “Kuchyňa Pračloveka” (Caveman's Kitchen) — is an untraditional cookbook focused on the choice of ingredients and kitchen skills/practices rather than just recipes.
The second publication is an ebook — "Desatoro Prikázaní Moderného Pračloveka" — that basically means "The 10 Commandments of the Modern Caveman". Following this line of thought, the author requested something related with the religious meaning of the title. Therefore, I used the idea of the stones of the 10 Commandments described in the Bible.
It was also important for the author to keep the “caveman illustrations” separated in two zones — the day and the night. At the center, the squatting silhouette represents the meditation and balance.
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