Shear Malice
AUTHOR: Rhonda Blackhurst
SERIES: Melanie Hogan Mysteries Series - Book 3
PROJECT: Book Cover Design (PaperbackeBookAudiobook)
Book 3 of the "Melanie Hogan Mysteries Series", which stories always take place within the environment of a hair salon.
This is a mysterious story that takes place in the fall. So, one of the requests from the author was to include the colors of that season.
In this book the main character is moving her best friend into a house next to her own, when they stumble across three gravestones in a hidden area in the back of the shed. This discovery will uncover a shocking family secret.
Another request from the author was to include some hairdresser instruments on the back cover (as in all the books of this series) to make the connection with the main theme.
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