Spent Identity
AUTHOR: Marlene M Bell
SERIES: Annalisse Series - Book 2
PROJECT: Book Cover Design (PaperbackeBookAudiobook)
This is the second book of the Annalisse Series, a romantic mystery novel. 
The design was created following the original vision of the author that already had in mind the inclusion of very specific elements.
The main objective was to lean more on the “mystery” side of the story, which revolves around a murder and disappearance. Therefore, instead of showing the main characters, the design presents some objects that have an important role or that give some clues about the development of the plot.
The roses were one of the details that required a special attention. They couldn’t be too bright or too perfect. So, I made them all different: from the one that is still bright and fresh, to the other that opens its petals, and all the others that start to wilt and die… exactly like the several stages of a life.
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