Stoked and Fullhearted
AUTHOR: Katrina Maxwell
SERIES: Adventures of Thomas Leaf Monkey
Book Cover Design (Paperback)
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“Stoked and Fullhearted” is the second book in the “Adventures of Thomas Leaf Monkey” series. In this new story, Thomas is being silly doing yoga moves as he surfs and his friends watch.
Katrina Maxwell wrote this book for younger children (ages 0-5) but always keeping the same yoga theme. The author is a Speech-Language Pathologist & Children's Yoga Instructor with a passion for education and travel.
The illustrations, created by another artist, also had this specific audience in mind. Therefore, the original characters have a more youthful appearance in this book.
In the typesetting project, I specifically chose different placements for the texts in order to keep the children’s attention, as well as to make the book more fun to read.
On the book cover I extended the wave to the back, to give it a leading role throughout the design. It also helped to distribute all the information that needed to be displayed, as well as to keep the entire exterior of the book completely balanced.
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