The Soul Snatchers
AUTHOR: Richard Sanford
PROJECT: Book Cover Design (PaperbackeBook)
This design was created for a science fiction novel, set about a dozen years in the future.
The diagonal form of the buildings gives a great depth to the cover, also helped by the running man and the strong light at the end of the street. This contrast between zones of light and shadow was made to create impact and transmit a sense of mystery.
Since the story has to do with the malicious, mesmerizing effect of a presence on social media, the author wanted to include some kind of electronic device (mobile, tablet or computer).
However, I also added some details as a watermark, like the circular grid with the zero and one numerals, in order to have a certain “technological atmosphere”.
Another of the requests was to create the design with a blue/gray palette with gold highlights, since this is a color combination that can attract the public of this book genre.
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