The true story of Inky, Pinky and the troublesome tattoos
AUTHOR: Bruce M Firestone, PhD
ILLUSTRATOR: Isabel Robalo
SERIES: Learn by Doing BooksVol 1Nº1
Book Cover Design (PaperbackeBook)
Characters Illustration
This is a children’s book that tells the story of Inky, a boy with a “special power”: he makes people happy by touching them with his index finger. But there is one drawback. Every time he touches someone, he leaves behind a small Inky tattoo, like an "i" inside a circle.
This is the first book in the series, where the boy tries to learn how he can make people happy without touching them, because none of his friends want any more Inky tattoos.
Until he meets Pinky. She's always sad so Inky tries his super power on her. And guess what? It doesn't work on her.
I created the illustration for this design, following the examples and descriptions given by the author, to perfectly match with the two main characters in the story.
The vibrant colors were chosen not only to catch the attention of the children but also to transmit a joyful and positive atmosphere.
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