30 Minutes with God
AUTHOR: Susan Grant
Book Cover Design (Digital BookleteBookPaperback)
Book Interior Layout/Typesetting
This project consisted of creating a complete digital booklet (cover and inner pages) with the potential to be printed in the future. Therefore, the cover was designed taking this requirement into account, making it possible to have a paperback version when needed.
As the booklet is an addition to an existing book series (see Book 1 and Book 2), the design concept followed the same clock theme to represent “Time”. Although the images are different in each book, they still have the same style and color scheme. This immediately leads readers to make the connection between all the books.
With meditation and inner reflection being the main purposes, I thought it made sense to display a clock where we could see the inner mechanism. It's like looking inside each person and seeing what they’ve improved by dedicating their time to these daily devotions.
The sun rising over the horizon represents each new day, as well as a new opportunity to deepen the knowledge of the Bible, no matter how busy life is. This is also the reason why I kept a very calm and peaceful look throughout the book. It invites to pause for a few minutes and helps to get into a meditative state of mind.
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