Princípy Pračloveka (Caveman Principals)
AUTHOR: Marián Cerny
PROJECT: Book Cover Design•eBook•Double Upside-Down Dust Jacket (Tête-bêche)
This book is an extended version of "The 10 Commandments of the Modern Caveman" ebook, which cover I had created previously.
However, this publication comes with a bonus mini-book called “Tuky: Návod na použitie” (The User's Guide to Fats). They are two separate ebooks, but the printed version is basically a 2-in-1, where we can find each subject when we turn the book around.
In terms of design, the author wanted to follow the same approach of the other books in the series, representing caveman drawings in a very simple way and products that are used in the Paleo diet.
The challenge for this project was to make the design different enough that could be easily identified as “two books”, but also with some similarities, in order to keep the balance of the entire book cover (front and back) and also to make the connection with the previous publications.
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