Rummet innanför (The room inside)
AUTHOR: Anna Karlsson
​​​​​​​PROJECT: Book Cover Design (Paperback)
“Rummet innanför” (translated from Swedish "The room inside") is the sequel of “Inte som du tror”, which book cover I had previously designed.
Some events and details on the story led to the choice of the elements in the design. The main characters — Bella, Miranda and Erik — are on summer holiday. Bella is searching for answers about her family's history, after finding a revealing picture. Miranda is haunted by memories from a fire at her school. Erik is working at a soccer school for kids. As requested, the main scenario needed to also include a mansion, as well as a sports car.
As in many books which target audience are teens, it was important to give some clues but without revealing too much of the plot.
I followed the same style of the first book, as well as the placement of the characters and background effects. However, to better distinguish both books, I used a different color scheme with fresh tones to make the connection with summer season.
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